Ystra the Astral Witch - WIP Progress

Work In Progress / 22 February 2021

I've been posting progress to this on Twitter and Polycount so I thought I'd do a quick overview of my progress here!

The amazing concept is by Alexis Pflaum and can be found here.

The blockout process:

I used a mixture of Zbrush and Maya to achieve my shapes. My intent from the beginning was to paint without bakes so I tried to keep details on the model to a minimum in Zbrush.

The topology:

Although I tried to do topology as I went, there were still parts that needed cleaning up.

The Value Blockout:

The Greyscale:

Although I was not baking any sculpt details, I still did bake an AO and Curvature in 3d-Coat and a Light Direction map in Marmoset to get the shadows.

Colour Block-in:

To add colour I utilized gradients and layer masks in Photoshop to isolate areas and apply different colours.