Warlock Character Project

Work In Progress / 08 August 2020

Had the idea a while back from the Flipped Normals Warlock challenge to flex my skills and try something more on the realistic side.

After sitting in it awhile I wanted to dive in and try and finish it so I put together a mood board.

When picking it back up, I had previously only worked on the face, the face itself going through many itterations. So came the first anatomy blockout:

I wanted to save on time in the future, so I utilised my female base mesh and re-targeted it

Once I projected everything onto the clean topo I could refine further and block out the clothing

Since blockout I've been able to detail the pants and shoes, with minor details to change on the pants to go.

  I want to explore different options for gloves/gauntlets so I will be leaving those areas til last. I'm also going to be using this project to explore different ways of creating hair cards from scratch